Work Experience

Here you can find some examples of work I have done.

04.2015 - 12.2015 Questback GmbH

Senior Software Developer

field of work:
  • development of PHP and MySQL back end product
  • project specific customizations
  • integration of RDF GraphStore and SPARQL queries into existing software infrastructure
  • technologie evaluation

PHP, ZEND, mercurial, MySQL, EasyRDF, BlazeGraph, RDF, SPARQL, shell, JavaScript

06.2013 - 01.2015 Rockethome GmbH

Senior Software Developer

field of work:
  • development of PHP and MySQL back end for SmartHome platform
  • implementation of web front end for SmartHome platform
  • development of automatic device detection and handling
  • development of REST interfaces
  • customer and partner communication (technical)
  • project specific customization
  • SmartHome device analysis
  • SmartHome network communication analysis

PHP, ZEND, git, SOAP, REST, MySQL, JSON, HTML, JavaScript, Wireshark

System Administrator

field of work:
  • analysis of existing infrastructure
  • analysis of cloud (IaaS) services
  • system clean up
  • encrypted backup and recovery automation
  • implementation of automated system managemant based on ansible
  • development and implementation new renundant System Architecture
  • deployment automation for production and testing
  • documentation of system architecture, usage and emergency plans

Linux, Ansible, Python, ssh, shell, PHP, KVM, libvirt, nginx, apache, DNS, reverse proxy, load balancing, iptables, MySQL, MariaDB cluster, memcache

03.2009 - 08.2012 Electrobrothers GmbH & Co. KG

now part of repucom

Software Developer/System Administrator

field of work:
  • development of a PHP front and back end
  • development of a distributed renderer based web scraper
  • web site analysis for generic and site specific web scrapers
  • integration of different software systems into SOA
  • development of a specific deployment system
  • MySQL DB architecture, administration and optimisation
  • system administration

Shell, Python, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML/CSS, MySQL/Percona, Subversion, SOAP, REST, JSON-RPC, Multiprocessing, distributed computing, SOA, micro services, RSS, Atom feed

10.2008 - 09.2010 University of Cologne

Assistent System Administrator

field of work:
  • integration of Linux into Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory domain
  • manage Windows/Linux dual boot user systems
  • develop CD/DVD based automated update mechanism
  • documentation and web site maintenance
  • user support

OpenSuse Linux, Samba, pam (Pluggable Authentication Module), Wireshark, grub, shell, TYPO3

11.2007 - 09.2008 neavis GmbH

Frontend Software Developer

field of work:
  • implementation of web designs (IE6 - IE8, Firefox, Safarie, Chrome, Opera)
  • development of JavaScript web application

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Prototype, Ruby on Rails